Medical Device and Clinical Applications

Today medical equipments are packaged with software that is used to direct the equipment. A minor bug in the software can be a dangerous and costly affair due to the involvement of human lives. Hence, software validation becomes a critical process before releasing the medical equipment to the market. Below is a case study which outlines the partnership of a global manufacturer of medical devices with QuEdge for their software testing requirement.

The Partnership

Equipped with latest in computer hardware, communication facilities, operating systems, applications software and a team of highly motivated technically competent engineers, QuEdge is the industry's answer to software testing products and services to enable our clients to engineer quality software. QuEdge fulfills every process of testing, from providing customized solutions for testing and assuring to its maintenance as well as refining your human resource with our highly experienced training team.

Our client is a multinational company that designs, manufactures and sells medical devices. The medical devices manufactured by our client are used worldwide.