About Us

QuEdge Software Solutions Pvt Ltd came into existence due to the much-needed demand of the developing quality software products and solutions. QuEdge is the expansion of a team matured with several man-years of hands-on experience in automated testing and was found exclusively to specialize and carve a niche in the area of software quality, testing, validation and verification.

Equipped with latest in computer hardware, communication facilities, operating systems and applications software and a team of highly motivated and technically competent engineers, QuEdge is the industry's answer to software testing products and services to enable our clients to engineer quality software.

QuEdge fulfills every process of testing, from providing customized solutions for testing and assurance to its maintenance as well as refining your human resource with our highly experienced training team.

Our Vision

QuEdge aims to be the leading brand name, facilitating the development of quality software products and solutions. We aim to be the first choice for testing products and services within development. QuEdge believes in building relationships that endure a long time through state-of-the-art technical support and interactive training.

Our Mission

QuEdge will continuously strive to deliver technology driven solutions & services to our clients that bring tangible business value to their customers.